Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Read my post carefully, because I am got to tell you something which is very important. Have you hear about glyconutrients? Or nutraceuticals? Yes, it is a new word for you. But maybe not all of you.

Nutraceutical means the combination of nutrition and pharmaceutical. Are you understand? In other word it means something which is natural but have a pharmacological effect in your body. I am guess that it is clear enough for you to understand.

Glyconutrients is connected with nutraceutical. It is a new and more specialized type of nutraceutical. What are the function? The function of glyconutrients are support our tissue cells to make their work more effective.

Our body needs help from the outside. There are things that produce in our body so we do not have to consume something from the outside. But there are things that our body can not produce, so we need consume it.

Believe me, you are going to need glyconutrients. You must buy glyconutrients. Even the health master from Intern Medicine and Pulmonary Department thinks that glyconutrients play an important part in the revolutionary against the disease.

There are many functions of glyconutrients, many of them have not discovered yet. The functions preventive self-care, slow down aging; build endurance, sexual function, and fertility, help you lose weight and gain muscle, prevention from sun damage, osteoporosis, and cataract, improve memory and learning, lowering your anxiety level and improving your sleep, reversing heart disease, and many more.

Wow! The functions are so many that I am tired to tell you all. But really, just buy glyconutrients and use it. Decided by your self if it is a better solution for your health. Prove that glyconutrients is the future of medicine!

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