Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Guinness Gamer World Records for BackGammon

Do you know that backgammon online game operator has applied for a Guinness Gamer World Record in farthest backgammon dice toss? Isn’t it cool? So what do you think why they do this? I think that their goal to announce and promote Backgammon Masters Backgammon Freeroll tournaments.

The tournaments are held every Tuesday and Friday at the online backgammon site. So how is the plan to make the world records?
They plan to toss the dice from a helicopter! Right, from the sky! Can you imagine that?

Backgammon is already an interesting game. And it is online, which you can play just sitting in your personal computer or note book. With just one click, you are ready to go to the world of backgammon. Now, they make an exciting show to promote backgammon, even better.

Do you know who is the pilot of the helicopter for online backgammon promotion? He is Quentin Smith. He is the expert in this kind of situation. He has been in many extreme situations. This great show needs great pilot, he is Quentin Smith.

And guess what, special event tickets will be sold to the event and all proceeds will go to charity. So you have to watch it!

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