Monday, June 2, 2008

Acne Treatment

Have you ever see some red dots in your face? Well, if yes, then you have some acne issues. Acne is a common thing in teenager. Somepeople say it is because of their hormones. If a teenager has acne and then when the acne heal he or she still has a smooth face, then he or she is lucky.

Yes, acne treatments sometimes different in each people. Some acne can heal by them self. But some need acne treatment for it. The most annoying thing is when you must go to someplace or have something to do which involve many people and you got acne in your face. Imagine that!

You must be careful in choosing best acne treatment for you. Each people has different treatment. Some treatment maybe useful in one person but others may make the acne are grow more. So, choose the best for you.

1 comment:

pyuriko said...

Makasih banyak infonya....

Muka ku ini sering sekali jerawatan,... kadang suka sebel sendiri.

Tapi karena sering dibersihan, masker dan kompres air hangat... Alhamdulillah, jerawatnya berangsur hilang :D


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