Friday, June 6, 2008

Home Theater

One of my favourite hobby is watching movies. I watch different kind of movies, from action, romantic, drama, superhero, or even cartoon/manga. My favourite genre is romantic comedy and superhero movies. I think the best movie in romantic comedy is Sleepless in Seattle. This movie is perfect from the plot, the actor and actress, and the story.

I can't decide which movie is the best for superhero genre. There are many quality movie in this genre. The spiderman and X-men trilogy are the best.

I like watching movie in DVD. Although sometimes I also watch in cinema, but still, watching movies in your own house is more relaxing.

The best way to watch DVD is by using plasma or LCD television. The picture will has best quality. You will find yourself in the movie. Audio is also plays important part. Using great sound system will make you find cinema in your own house.

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