Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Medical Assistant

Medical is an interesting subject in my opinion. That is why I choose medical as my future plans. Yes, I am in 5th years of medical college. I have my degree but not yet my medical doctor degree.

In medical we can learn a lot of things. We can learn many interesting subjects. You can learn from a single microbiology cells, its anatomic, its function, and how its work to a human as an individual.

Human has many things to learn. After cells, there are tissue, organs, organ system, and then human. We can see that a single cells has many knowledge to offer.

Being a doctor is different than being a medical assistant. To be a medical assistant is a lot easier than being a medical doctor. But no worry, this job is requires skill to learn. So it is not easy as it looks.

So are you interested to join medical assistant schools? Even the United States Department of Labor acknowledge this job. Medical assistant job is more and more growing faster than other job. There are many job opportunities for medical assistant. Even you can learn online from your home to be a medical assistant!

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