Monday, March 8, 2010

How To Eat Burgers Without Getting Fat

Burger is everywhere. You can't avoid it. It's on every corner -- tempting, taunting.

Keeping a healthy weight over time might not mean obsessing about fat.

Writing in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, experts found the amount of fat people ate didn’t effect their weight. Findings revealed consumption of fat had no relationship to how much weight people gained every year, even saturated fat. But researchers warn this is not an excuse to pig out on fat. Instead, people should focus on eating a balanced diet and exercise, rather than just avoiding fat.

I suggest that you don't get a double anything! Order a side salad and eat that first, then dig into your burger, your delicious SINGLE patty burger. Whenever possible order extra veggies on sandwiches and burgers. They'll fill you up without filling you out! Don't order french fries and those yummy drink. Watch your portion sizes, even of healthful options. Two thousand calories of anything is going to have an impact on your diet.


bonz said...

yum yum burgers!
thanks for the article

ifa said...

i want a triple cheese burger without any vegetables inside!


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