Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Let's Eat Pizza : Is Is Healthy?

I just wake up in the morning with an empty stomach. To be honest, making this post makes me so hungry! I want pizza!!!!

Anyway, maybe you have heard that eating pizza is not healthy. Is it true? Or eating pizza is, in some way, healthy?

A slice of pizza has more than 350 calories and people don’t feel happy with a single slice and a hungry person eats at least four slices. Two or three slices complete the maximum calories one has to take in a day. The cheese that we see on a pizza makes up most of the calories it provide. Eating pizza is not a bad idea if it just has the calories. But a pizza provides fats and saturated fats besides giving calories.

Contrary to popular belief, pizza can be a very healthy food. Originating in Italy, pizza began as the poor people's solution to a staple meal. It was made with the freshest ingredients to satisfy the palettes of its' people.

Pizza is as healthy as you make it. Prepare it at home and you have more control over the ingredients. Buy it in a supermarket or in a pizza parlor and you can't be certain of the nutritional value, but you can have some say in the final product that goes on your table and into your family's mouth.

So in conclusion, if you are eating more than one slice of the pizza you just ordered, yes it is nor healthy. But if you are manage to make the pizza on your own with a healthy ingredients, it is healthy!


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