Sunday, May 16, 2010

Drinking a Cup of Coffee in The Morning

Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning has become a habit of many person. I my self, usually drink a cup of coffee before doing my work out routines. There is no negative effect if you only drink coffee once a day, different from drinking coffee five to six cup a day.

Caffeine in coffee can stimulant your brain to think fast. Your brain can respond faster after drinking a cup of coffee. The survey proved that drinker coffee can be avoided from cancer, diabetes, heart attack and osteoporosis.

The caffeine can help your teeth from hole after eating cookies, chocolate cake, candies and sweet bread. How do you feel after drinking coffee in the morning? We feel fresh as if energy increase and happy.

How about the negative parts?

Coffee makes some one become addicted. Make your health trouble, feel tired and not have energy, if you do not drink coffee.

Yup, it is your choice to drink or not to drink.

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