Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fusilli Diet

Have you see the new pizza hut product? The baked pepperoni cheese fusilli? I was planning to order that before my love can't wait the waitress any longer to serve us. By the way, fusilli is a good food to eat for your diet.

Fusilli is just plain carbs. You have to be careful about the topping though. The topping will affect the calories.

Though many call it a spiral, Fusilli is actually a helix. Fusilli, being a fairly wide pasta, absorbs buckets of pasta sauce. Fusilli is perhaps one of the most popular of the unusually shaped pasta cuts.

You may put some vegetables/salad on your fusilli for a healthy diet.

1 comment:

Andrei said...

Yummy! I write this comment while I'm drooling and make an schedule to eat pizza this lunch. Lol

well, I have to admit ur blog become a healthy living stories right now. Nice! :)


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