Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Drink a Zip of Wine

Do you the type of person who likes too drink wine? If yes, what kind of wine? Why do you like to drink wine. In the movies, we often see the bartender or the waitress pick the wine from the wine glass rack. After that, they offer the wine to the customer at the restaurant. It is so classic time.

Usually, the waiter ask about the kind of wine first. After that they take the glass from the glass racks. Then they pour the wine and wait for the customer's instruction. Sometimes, the customers only want to drink a half of the glass.

Do you know the benefits for your health if you drink wine? There are researches which got the conclusion that drinking wine will increase your immune system, because drinking wine will give you the antioxidant effect. The chemical found in the red wine has the potential to overcome the free radicals which can cause damage in your body.

So, I advise you to ask the waiter in the restaurant to take the glass from the wine glass racks and pour the wine, for your benefit.

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