Monday, June 28, 2010

Mind Pleasure

Art plays important part in our life. Enjoying art will make someone healthier than ever. I believe about that. Have you see someone who enjoys art who does a healthy living is healthier than someone who doesn’t like art who also does a healthy living? Enjoying art will make your life healthier because it also makes improve your mind. After all the hectic works, your mind need some break.

Art can be anything. Music, movie, poem, and enjoying collecting beaded from beaded lanyards are also art. There are many ways to enjoy art. If you like to hearing music, what is your favorite genre? I, myself, love all kind of music. The music usually flows with my mood. But if you ask about my favorite genre, then I will answer rock music. Not all kind of rock music I like. My best years are the ‘80s, ‘90s, and the early 2000’s. Why is that? The reason is because I grow at that time. Yes, that theory is true. People will prefer all the things that he or she grew with. I prefer the oldies rock than nowadays rock.

I also like to hear mellow songs (is that a genre?). What I mean is pop songs. Maybe you can tell that I am an omnivore in the music. I hear anything for good.
What about movie? It is similar, actually. I don’t have specific kind of movie, well maybe I prefer to choose superhero or action movie and romantic comedy movie than other kind of movie. But I still watch all kind of movie actually. If I go to the nearest VCD or DVD rental, I will get confuse what movie I haven’t see. It is
because I am already seeing the box-office movies. So I will rent B class movies.

Beaded is another kind of art. Many people like to collect it. People like to see beautiful thing, such as beaded.

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