Monday, June 28, 2010

Put Less Sugar in Your Drink

Have you ever carefully examine your drink label. See the sugar part. Usually, sweet drinks, like coca cola, orange juice, all have sugar more than 25 gr per bottle.

Sodas are mostly water, sugar or sugar substitute and some flavoring. Sugared sodas are a source of empty calories and usually replace nutrient-dense beverages such as milk or juice, both which contain many healthy nutrients.

You can easily translate the amount of sugar in soda from grams to teaspoons. A typical 20 oz. soda usually contains a total of 87 grams of sugar. Knowing that four grams is equal to 1 teaspoon, you can figure out that there are about 22 teaspoons of sugar in that 20 oz. bottle of soda. That’s a lot of sugar!

You have to carefully choose your drink!

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