Saturday, June 19, 2010

Through the Fire

Having a perfect house is a dream for many people. What is your perfect house? Perfect house can be a house with many great facilities such as swimming pool or your own theater of dream. Perfect house also can be just a house with your dreams. My perfect house will just be a simple house with long yards and accompany with the one I love. The yard must have a basketball ring. Yes, that is my house of dream.

House is the place we will happily live ever after, have you do some stuff to protect your house? Have you protect your home with all the protective stuff such as fire extinguishers ? Yes, it is so important to prevent bad things from happens.

Nevertheless, you also must prepare for the worst thing, if it happens. If you are leaving your home unattended, in whom you will ask your home to be safe? The answer is by you. You must prepare all the things before you are leaving your home. You have to turn off the gas, the fire, and the electricity. Don’t let stupid mistake make you regrets. Don’t let your foolishness do the entire math.

Have you get your house an alarm, or many alarms? Alarm is so important, especially if you are living in the bad neighborhood. If you are living in one, then using alarm is the key. You can prevent many bad things happen.

Back to the fire extinguisher topic, putting fire extinguisher in your home is so crucial. That thing is so important. Don’t let you live under a house who doesn’t have one. You also have to learn how to use it. You have to know the simple fact; fire will die if there is no air. So, other than using fire extinguisher, you also can use wet trunk.

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