Thursday, June 24, 2010

Using Creatine, or Not?

Have you thought about it? Do you prefer to using creatine or not? If you want to bulking up your muscle, then I suggest you to use it.

Creatine supplementation is not banned by the International Olympic Committee and, with the exception of a small increase in body mass (~1 kg) over the initial 3-6 days, does not appear to have any adverse side effects, at least with short-term use.

Few scientific data are available for more prolonged use but considering the large numbers of athletes using creatine over the past 6+ years and the absence of reported problems, it may be that the often discussed somewhat nebulous long term adverse effects are presently being overestimated.

it is clear that creatine supplements would need to be ingested with very large quantities of simple carbohydrates to achieve an insulin-mediated stimulation of muscle creatine transport. However, it has been reported that the ingestion of proteins in combination with carbohydrates can result in a greater increase in serum insulin concentrations than would be expected from the sum of their individual responses

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