Monday, July 5, 2010

How to Choose Food in Your Buffet

Usually, once a week people with get invited to a meeting or a gathering with a buffet meal. You have to pick the right food for your diet. Don't let your hunger makes you vulnerable.

All you can eat buffets may seem like the perfect meal option. Everyone can get satisfied (even the pickiest eaters), and buffets are usually economical. However, getting through a buffet without consuming hundreds of calories is near inevitable, especially with all those delicious looking desserts!

When you walk into a buffet, the first thing to do is walk around, without a plate, to scope out the options. Make mental notes of things that look really good and things you can live without. Be sure to survey the desserts, as well, and if something looks irresistible, be sure to save room for it.

When you make your meal selection remind yourself of the various segments which make up a healthy diet. This will help you to choose a more balanced meal, and to control your food portions.

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