Monday, July 26, 2010

Hungry For Dimsum

Dim sum is a favorite Chinese dish. You can find this menu in almost all Chinese restaurant. It is better to choose the healthy choice of dim sum. Try to pick the steamed one than the fried one.

The New York Times reports that The Hong Kong government recently issued a report that eating certain kinds of dim sum, particularly those fried or cooked with copious amounts of fat and oil, should be avoided for health reasons. While this may seem like somewhat of a no-brainer, many are ignoring the warnings and eating the same dim sum they've been eating for years, arteries be damned.

Dim sum is not the healthiest thing to eat in the world and not all Chinese food is bad for you. If it were, how on Earth do us Chinese girls stay skinny? Dim Sum in America is really just for when us families want to get together and have lunch together and see other neighborhood folds. Can't give you a fat or salt content because there's so many different types of dim sum.

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