Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Life Long Study

Medical is a lifelong study. Actually, I don’t know it yet when I entered the medical faculty. At first, information technology is the place I want to continue my study. The negative part is my math is not so good (When I told you that I am not so good in math doesn’t mean I can’t do math). Physic also is my problem. I love biology and chemistry. Well, I love biology more than chemistry. Because of that, I change my subject to medical.

The changing process also involves my dad who told me that as a doctor, I can be my own employee. My dad always tell me that actually he don’t like to work to someone else. Maybe he wanted to be his own employee too at the first time. Now, after I graduated from the medical faculty and be a doctor I start to think that my dad’s opinion may be right.

You also have to give your children some good advices. They really need it. You have to take at least 10 minutes of your time per day and make it a quality talk between father and child. You have to educate them well. Don’t buy them useless things when they beg you for it. Buy useful things for them. You can buy them a video game, but you still have to buy them educational wooden toys.

You also can give a hint for their hobby. Let your children choose their own hobby. There are so many kind of hobbies they can choose; music, art, sport, or martial arts. I would like to see my child good at playing musical instruments and martial arts. Actually, that is my own dream. Yes, sometime parents don’t know the real reason they want their child to be something; is it for the good of them? Or is it for the parents?

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