Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Put Chocolate in Your Diet

There are people who likes chocolate, hate chocolate, and can't live without eating one. Chocolate has been many people's favorite. What about doing a diet but you still can't do it without eating chocolate?

The chocolate diet mainly consists of liquids and people are given a powder or supplement that they usually blend with milk or water. They may also be given pills to take in capsule form.

On The Chocolate Diet you will instead avoid eating chocolate altogether your first week. From then on, you'll be allowed to eat about 150 calories worth of chocolate a day.

Since it is a reduced-calorie diet, just about 1,100 calories, weight loss may occur as long as you stick to the plan and exercise as often as The Chocolate Diet recommends. If followed correctly, you are expected to lose 7 pounds in one week. It also includes an exercise, meditation and massage component.

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