Sunday, July 11, 2010

Up Grade Your PC

I like to blogging using my personal computer. Not because any hardware or software reason though, it is because I can't install the modem to my laptop. The CD's can't be installed in Windows Vista. My personal computer is using Windows XP and the CD is manufactured a few years back, when Microsoft had just launched the XP.

If you ask me, I prefer to use my notebook. It is more up grading if you look at the hardware and software. Maybe I would like to buy Howard custom computers. Yes, maybe that is the key. If you made your own computer, you will get more satisfied. You will get what you want by using custom computers.

Actually my laptop is good enough. The processor, although not the latest, it still can do many jobs at one time. The bad point is when I try to play Resident Evil 5. The picture is delayed a few seconds. My friend told me that it was the VGA Card problem. Maybe I have to get custom laptop of mine and put a higher version of VGA Card.

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