Monday, August 16, 2010

Fried Rice Cals

I have just finished my second dinner, which is my homemade fried rice. Yeah, during this fasting month I eat dinner twice to keep my weight. How about the calories for fried rice?

There are 333 calories in the Fried Rice. Well, depend on what you use as the ingredients, though.

333 in a cupful. 113 comes from fats, 170 from carbohydrates and 50 from proteins. As is noticeable, 51% of the calories are donated by carbohydrates and that has to be paid heed to by those on a low-carb diet. The following table will give you the calorie break up of the other varieties fried rice which are quite popular.

It is rather evident that consumption of fried rice in moderation has its own set of health benefits. Also, one should keep in mind that one should not have it everyday as nothing over indulged in can be good for health. Keep a check on what you are eating and include healthy food items in your daily diet. You shall notice then that fried rice calories will only add to your health quotient and not add to your belly region. So, learn fried rice - how to make it and enjoy it once in a while to pamper those taste buds!

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