Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cheryl Cole Diet Plan

Cheryl Cole is the number one most searched celebrity on the internet. I wonder how could that be. People say that she is the most sexiest women alive. I don't know about that. What is your opinion? If you agree with them, let's see her diet.

Super-slim songstress Cheryl Cole has revealed she's been using a blood type diet to help her stay in shape since her split from Ashley.

In an interview with Hello! Cheryl admitted the healthy eating plan helps her feel happier.

'I watch what I eat, not to stay slim but to feel good,' she said.

The X Factor beauty revealed the diet has made a real difference to her energy levels, and came with high recommendation... from her mum!

‘Recently my mother told me about Eat Right 4 Your Type, in which you're told what to eat and what to avoid depending on your blood type,' she said.

'It has made such a difference - not so much to my shape, but to how I feel and my energy levels. Before I was like 'energy schmenergy' and didn't believe it. But now I believe it 100 per cent.'

But Ms C - who jetted in to support the Black Eyed Peas in Cardiff yesterday - also puts her slim figure down to a hectic schedule and energetic dance routine.

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