Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Goblin Shark : Deep Sea Creature

No, I won't talking about Goblin Shark calories. Don't worry about that. A few hours before I watch a movie which plot was about this creature. The movie starred by the woman who played La Femme Nikita the series. Anyway, I had just know that there is this kind of shark.

The Japanese fishermen who caught the first specimen of Mitsukurina in the "Black Current" off Yokohama called it tenguzame, which means "goblin shark." This has become its common name, although very few people besides ichthyologists and shark-book authors ever get a chance to use it. The shark is extremely rare, found only in deep water off Japan, South Africa, perhaps off Portugal, and, in one strange instance, in the Indian Ocean, cable malfunction necessitated the raising of the cable, and an awl-like shark's tooth was found embedded in the wire covering. The cable had been at 750 fathoms, and the tooth belonged to a goblin shark.

So, how much is the calories if it is grilled?? LOL..

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