Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Measure Your Fat

Have you count your Body Mass Index lately? If you haven't, then I suggest you to measure your weight right away. It is important to measure your Body Mass Index because you need to know whether your weight is less, normal, overweight or obesity. It is easy to count your Body Mass Index, Ideal Body Weight, etc, just make sure you know your height and weight.

There are also tools which can be used to measure this kind of thing. Let's see the product called MedGem. It is a medical product which can be used to measure your fitness level. This product mainly used to measure your metabolism level. There is also other product, BodyGem. This nice thing about this tool is that you can carry it everywhere, because it is portable. You can used it to measure resting metabolic rate.

If the result of the test is not good. Then you need some changes, definitely. You need to start eating healthy food. Pick the healthiest menu for you. If you are confused about this, you always can ask for advice from the nutrition. Workout is also a must. You can't be healthy without doing it. After make your body healthier than before, I suggest you to use Futrex. It will help you to analyze your body composition. Yes, in conclude; fat. Make sure you do these kind of checks periodically.

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