Monday, November 1, 2010

Disability Helper

God always make two parts of thing in this word; good and bad, pretty and ugly, fat and thin, black and white, religious and atheist, fortunate and unfortunate, and many more. There are people who unfortunate with their body. They have a disability which prevent them to function like normal people. They have to use extra equipment such as dumbwaiter to help them.

These people need helps from those who care. We can't leave them like that. We have to help them especially when the unfortunate people is our relative or family. There are many ways to help the disable person. You can took them in your care. You also can make their life easier by using health care equipment.

Different disability means different equipment. You also have to train them to take care them self. If the people have problem in foot or leg, you can get them a wheel chair. If you have problem for them to go to the next floor, you can used the stairlift. Stairlift is a problem saver. You don't have to carry the person by yourself. If the disable person wants to get something at the near store, you can get them electric scooters. Believe me, it is worth the price. It will worth of many time of yours.

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