Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dragon Fruit Recipes

Dragon fruit is an exotic tropical treat for those that are lucky enough to taste them. Dragon fruit cultivation come from cactus plants grown in humid and tropical conditions such as Thailand where they are called "Pitaya." This makes dragon fruit easier to find in Asian food markets. There are a variety of dragon fruit available; red dragon fruit are the most common, but pink and yellow dragon fruits are known for an extra sweet and unique flavor. If dragon fruit are difficult to come by, you may wish to look into dragon fruit cultivation by buying dragon fruit plants or cuttings.

Eating dragon fruit is really simple because the red outer skin simply peels off the heart of the fruit. Better yet, just cut the fruit in half, gently scoop out the white fruit with a spoon and go to town from there! The red skin usually remains firm enough to be a bowl too, so definitely use the skin as a serving vessel. Chilling the dragon fruit in the fridge before serving also adds to the refreshing flavor and is additionally helpful at firming up the texture if your dragon fruit is particularly soft.

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