Sunday, October 24, 2010

Drink Mineral Water

Natural mineral water H20 is different from boiled water because it includes a certain level of minerals. These elements usually come out from the ground.

There are no additional minerals added to this water. Mineral water is defined as water that contains large amounts of dissolved gases or minerals. This water that comes from natural springs generally includes a high content of magnesium sulfate, calcium carbonate, sodium sulfate and potassium.

Why is drinking mineral water healthy? Here's some things you probably didn't know:

*Drinking mineral water over the long-run can prevent multiple mineral deficiencies that would usually develop by drinking demineralized water.

*It helps maintain a healthy and safe pH balance of your bodily fluids. Demineralized water is more acidic because it contains more hydrogen. When you drink this kind of substance, your body needs to neutralize it, and it does this by pulling minerals from your teeth and bones.

*People who drink demineralized water are more likely to have cancer in some point of their life. Free radical production increases in a acidic environment, which increases the risk of cancer. It's actually been shown that cancer cells can ONLY grow in an acidic environment.

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