Monday, November 1, 2010

How Coffee Stimulates Brain

For a coffee addict, not drinking minimum a coffee per day is a pain. An addict is someone who can't through a day without their favorite thing. Some people says that coffee can stimulates your brain? Is it true?

Specialists affirm that caffeine in coffee and tea is a stimulator of brain’s cognitive activity, it also helps decreasing the level of beta-amyloidal proteins in the brain, which, in their turn, trouble the normal activity of the human brain. Significant accumulations of this protein are the basis of Alzheimer's disease. More than 7,000 women and men in 3 cities of France have taken part in the research. None of them had mind disabilities at the beginning of the research. The scientists used to check repeatedly once in 2 and 4 years the cognitive capabilities of the persons in case.

In mod­er­ate doses (a few cups a day) caf­feine can increase alert­ness but also reduce fine motor coor­di­na­tion, cause insom­nia, cause headaches and nervousness.

The negative effects of coffee drinking include the following possible side-effects: extreme anxiety, insomnia, trembling and heart arrhythmias. Besides, it can cause the irritation of the digestive system, of the urinary bladder and of the prostate. If you feel any of these side-effects, then it is better for you to avoid coffee usage (that also includes coffee with no caffeine, because it may contain substances which would influence negatively your organism), apart from all the advantages it may bring. Tea can be a wonderful substitute, a healthy and, in the same time, with no side-effects alternative.

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