Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Cup of Java

*sigh.. There is something wrong with my Java. I don't noticed it until I can't run my Limewire. Limewire is my key to download all the stuff; Smallville series, Glee series, Heroes series, movies, including the naughty ones. LOL.

Yes, I can't run Limewire!! It is so annoying. I try to solve the problem, but I can't. My old Java is Java 6 Update 20. This problem starts when I install the Update 22 Version.

The point is I can't delete the Java 6 Update 22 version because there is no the suitable *.msi file. I look for everywhere and there is none! So I start googling again, and a site told me to delete the Key in regedit.exe. So I delete the key. And now when I try to remove Java from the Add or Remove Software, it wouldn't even open and show corrupt sign!!


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