Sunday, November 7, 2010

Long Life Study

Education is an important thing. As a parent, you must thought about the education of your children. You can decide whether it is your decision or their decision. If it is your decision, then you must be extra cautious. It is your children who will get the education and use it all through their life, not yours. You must aware what their dream job is. Make sure the education is related to their dream job.

Nowadays, you children don’t have to learn their education by sitting in the class. There is also home-schooling. It is the same as ordinary school. The difference is only the teacher will come to your house. Your children will learn alone all by them self. The curriculum is the same. So you won’t have to be afraid with the standard.

There is also new kind of education called online classes or classes online. In this kind of education you will only sit in front of your PC and get the education. It is an official education and you will have the degree after you have finished the education. My suggestion for you is you can take your children to public school from kindergarten to high school. After high school you can ask your children to consider about taking online classes for their college. Make them know that the education is official.

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