Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Watch Out for Health Hoax

Nowadays, there are so many hoax. Entertainment and health are the most talked about hoax. The hoax come to your facebook, your email, or your Blackberry Messenger. If you hear about some crucial health information, don't just swallow it. Check the truth. Google can help you for it.

A short hoax story :

A busy Boston architect, Brooke Trivas gets tons of emails. She usually responds to them quickly, replying or deleting as needed. But a recent email, sent by a friend, was so unnerving it required more attention.

Leading brands of lipstick contain lead, the message warned -- at levels high enough to cause cancer. The warning cited as its source a doctor from a hospital breast cancer unit in Toronto. The message included a plea to share the news, and Trivas did, forwarding the email to 10 friends, worried they had not yet heard about this bizarre health hazard.

Soon, she learned the truth: the email was a hoax.

So, beware guys!

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