Friday, December 17, 2010

Fast Food Sickness

Fast food obesity is prevalent in the U.S. and it is extremely strenuous for the entire body, which was never intended to carry that much extra weight. Your heart will also end up working harder than it should, which eventually leads to obesity heart disease. There are also various other obesity diseases, the result of which can be fatal.

Obesity Disease #1: Heart Disease. This is one of the deadliest and most common fast food obesity diseases. People with obesity usually have lower levels of good HDL cholesterol and higher levels of bad LDL cholesterol. This increases the risks of obesity heart disease tremendously.

Obesity disease #2: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. This is the main cause of female infertility, and obese women have a much higher chance of developing this disorder. This obesity disease also results in excessive hair growth and irregular menstrual cycles.

A new study provides scientific evidence of what many have suspected for a long time: a diet which includes regular helpings of fast food makes people fat and increases their chances of developing diabetes. The study was conducted by researchers at several institutions including the University of Minnesota. They tracked the dietary habits of about 3,000 young people for 15 years.

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