Monday, December 27, 2010

Jogging at Night

With busy schedules and limited hours of daylight, some runners find their only time to run is in the darkness of early morning or evening. Running in daylight is always a safer choice, but if you have to run at night or in the early morning, make sure to follow these guidelines.

Choose a Well-lit Route

It might not be your favorite route to run, but the most well-lit route is your safest choice. Oncoming cars see you better, and you'll always be able to see the road and avoid potential hazards.

Always Run Against Traffic

It's easier to avoid cars if you can see them coming. Avoid busy roads and those with no shoulders or sidewalks.

Be Visible

If you're running in the early morning or at night, even at dusk, wear white, yellow, or orange clothes. Also, make sure you have reflective gear on. Although some items (running shoes, jackets) already have reflective pieces on them, it doesn't hurt to add more. A headlamp is also a great item for runners who do a lot of early morning or evening runs.

For a runner, bright neon glow colors are the first line of defense against getting hit by a vehicle and making it possible for people to be able to see you on dimly lit streets. Ideally, a runner should not be jogging after dark, but if the need arises, it is best to run with a friend or companion and always let someone know your course to be taken and carry a cell phone. If trouble does arise, you can possibly avoid serious injury by alerting rescue crews.

The next most important piece of the safety puzzle is non-lethal personal protection such as Pepper Spray or a Stun Gun. A new and exciting item that Erie Shore Security Products carries is called Mace Hotwalkers Pepper Spray Walking Weights, specifically made for joggers.

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