Saturday, January 1, 2011

Eat Chocolate to Increase Your Stamina

Made from the cocoa bean found in pods growing form the trunk and lower branches of the Cacao Tree, the earliest record of chocolate was in the South American rainforests around the Amazon and Essequibo rivers. The Mayan civilization worshipped the Cacao Tree for they believed it was divine in origin, thus its Latin name, Theobrom Cacao, means "food of the gods", and "cacao is a Mayan word meaning 'God Food.'

Cacao was later corrupted into the more familiar "Cocoa" by Europeans". Since emperors were considered divine, the Aztec emperor Monteczuma drank fifty golden goblets of chocolate a day in order to enhance his sexual ability. Consequentially, when the Spanish Conquistadors discovered chocolate and introduced it to Europe and the rest of the world, it continued to be associated with love.

Chocolate may be beneficial in improving sexual stamina in men because it contains the endurance boosters, phenylethylamine and alkaloid. Phenylethylamine is a chemical that promotes good feelings during sex, while alkaloid's caffeine effect increases energy, thereby improving sexual stamina.

When chocolate is consumed, it releases Phenylethylamine and Seratonin into the human system producing the same arousing effects. Since eating chocolate gives an instant energy boost, increasing stamina, it is no wonder why its effects have given it a reputation as an aphrodisiac. Both Phenylethylamine and Seratonin are substances that can be mildly addictive, hence explaining the chocoholic. But women are more susceptible to the effects of Phenylethylamine and Seratonin than men. This illustrates why women tend to be chocoholics more than men.

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