Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Trouble Losing Weight After Many Weeks

After a few weeks of dieting many people start to experience trouble losing further weight. Most problems start to occur when the body has had time to adapt to a new diet, exercise or a change in lifestyle. Its important to understand possible reasons why these problems occur, because having trouble losing weight often leads to a lowered motivation to exercise and a lost interest in becoming healthier.

Though you may be asking why nothing you've tried seems to work, there's a bigger question you may need to answer: Do you really want to lose weight? If you said yes, let me ask you another, perhaps more difficult question: Are you doing everything you need to do to lose weight? Take some time to think about that and then rank the importance of losing weight on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being most important and 10 being least important). Now, think of a typical week in your life and figure out how much time you spend doing the things necessary for weight loss.

Try the following tips when having trouble losing weight

1. Keep active with regular exercise

2. Do not starve yourself when attempting to lose weight

3. Lower calorie intake gradually, lowering calories to much too soon doesn't give you much adjustment when weight slows

4. Consume plenty of low calorie, high fiber foods

5. Consume more natural foods high in complex carbohydrates and reduce highly processed foods loaded with extra fat, sugars and salt

6. If doctor approves try weight training to help the body hold on to lean weight while losing fat

7. Try to change workout routines and gradually challenge the body to adapt to higher levels

8. Don't train too hard too soon, gradually build up intensity levels as fitness levels increase

9. After a few weeks of exercising try to work the whole body during each workout to boost calorie burning

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