Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gain Weight Tips for Men

Tips on how to gain weight quickly are priceless to skinny people who struggle to put on some extra pounds. The world we live in is a contradictory one. There are folks who put on weight rather effortlessly and yearn to lose their weight and fats through unhealthy diets. Yet on the other end of the spectrum, thin people find it tremendously challenging to gain that extra few pounds to enhance their physical appearance and regain some masculine appeal in the case of men. Skinny ladies also dream of fitting nicely into beautiful clothes that look so fabulous on those svelte and voluptuous models. But do not envy those who put on weight too easily, especially those through unhealthy diets. It is better to understand the fundamentals behind healthy weight gain. This is where you can learn more on how to gain weight quickly and healthily.

It is pretty simple, you need to eat more. What do you want, a get ripped quick pill? Just like the overweight people have to eat less, you need to eat more.
If you can't handle a lot of food in one sitting, eat 8 times a day, every 2 hours. Eat calorie-dense food and you'll gain weight. It may be tough, but it isn't easy for overweight people to lose that weight.

I'd suggest since your stomach is small you could eat oatmeal with raisins, a protein bar or shake and go work out. If you go to the gym, wear long pants and do some weighted squats and the stair climber. That will work those leg muscles. Try to keep in mind everybody has had to start somewhere. I remember being in the weight room, lifting small weights. But now they're medium weights, because I got stronger. I noticed when people at the gym have never seen you before they will tend to look at you just because they haven't seen you before. Go a couple times and after a while they will be used to seeing you.


tacos912 said...

Thanks for the tips, great stuff!

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David Newtoon said...

Choose dairy products, eggs, fish and meat over bread and vegetables. Eat foods with high protein content such as beans, pulses and peas, and foods with high starch content such as potatoes, rice and tapioca.

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