Monday, March 14, 2011

Breakfast with a Single Milk Disadvantages

The scientists questioned 5,500 teenagers and their parents on whether they ate breakfast, and discovered that adults and teenagers who skip the meal are less likely to look after their health. It is thought that busy lifestyles are to blame for why some people skip breakfast in the morning, despite the fact that most nutritionists agree that a balanced breakfast is the best start to the day.

The study by Dr Keski-Rahkonen, published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, adds to a growing body of research, which suggests that the obese are less likely to consume breakfast 2,3 and that breakfast consumption has been linked with lower body weights.

In addition, some experts believe that diets rich in calcium, especially from dairy products, may actually help with weight control. It seems that an increased consumption of calcium may influence the way that fat cells work, encouraging trunk fat in particular to be burnt rather than stored.

Certain food type especially raw milk can be harmful even if they are organic and locally produced. Milk and other dairy products that are bought from store are pasteurized and homogenized. In pasteurization the milk is heated to a specific temperature for a particular amount of time to kill harmful bacteria that maybe present.

Whereas in homogenization the milk and its component is forced through a very fine screen at a high pressure, resulting in an uniform liquid that will not separate, this helps in maintaining the creamy texture of the milk and leaves it fresh for a longer time.Raw milk, on the other hand, comes straight from the cows who are fed fresh organic green grass and ready for consumption.

Today's milk may look the same, even taste the same, but it is quite a different product. Milk in the US contains myriad drugs, some approved and others not. Milk contains pesticides from treated grains, bacteria and pus from infected animals, in some instances - salmonella, and genetically engineered growth hormones designed to increase milk production, thereby shortening the life of a dairy cow from an average of 15 years to three or four. Plastic containers, and plastic wrap may leach dangerous chemicals into milk and dairy products. There is even a variable level of radiation in dairy products.

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