Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ginger For Your Vitality

Vitality is a quality associated with health and youth. Vitality, however, is much more than the absence of ‘medical’ ailments.

Vitality is a question of available energy. When you have sufficient energy, in other words when you feel ‘alive’, a good balance exists between body and mind.

In Antiquity, people were already aware of this principle: Mens Sana in Corpore Sano.

Vitality evokes an image of progress and motion, and is available to all. It has everything to do with a healthy lifestyle, a correct relationship between rest and movement together with a healthy diet.

Ginger offers numerous health benefits that have been demonstrated both historically and scientifically. Because ginger contains 180 times the protein digesting power of papaya, and stimulates fat digesting bile as well as the growth of healthy intestinal flora, ginger restores balance and potentiates proper digestive function.* These benefits contribute to ginger’s ability to enhance the utilization of other dietary supplements and herbs. Additionally, ginger contains at least 12 antioxidant compounds and recent research in India, Denmark and Japan suggests that ginger modulates prostaglandins thereby promoting circulatory health and balancing the inflammatory process.*

Try this recipe :

Description : Ingredient: Fruit sugar, rice vinegar, ginger extract.
Volume: 750cc (ml)
Preparation: Pour one portion of Ginger vitality drink in five portions of water, the drink will be ready to serve. The drink can be made stronger or weaker up to your choice.

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