Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cut Sugar and Carbs to Live Longer

The results of a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition finds that a diet high in sugar and fast-releasing carbohydrates increases the risk of death from inflammatory disease by three-fold. Many of the top killer diseases are inflammatory in nature, including coronary artery disease and many forms of cancer.

The study found that higher than normal levels of sugar in the blood were bound to white blood cells which prevented them from identifying and attacking pathogens. Fortunately there are several steps you can follow to dramatically lower your risk of developing an inflammatory illness and reverse your systemic sugar burden.

Professor Cynthia Kenyon, a US genetisist, has discovered that the carbohydrates we eat like bananas, potatoes, bread, pasta, and cakes directly affect two key genes that govern youthfulness and longevity.

But what Professor Kenyon found out was why ­drastically reducing calories has such a remarkable effect.

She discovered that it changed the way two crucial genes behaved. It turned down the gene that controls insulin, which in turn switched on another gene, which acted like an elixir of life.

Many dietary proteins and fats raise blood insulin levels without raising glucose. Remember, both chronically high levels of both glucose and insulin are bad. Furthermore, NOT all grains cause a rapid rise in glucose. In fact, some proteins can raise insulin as much as carbohydrates. For example, beef can trigger an insulin surge that is on par with brown rice and fish can raise insulin levels about the same amount as grain bread

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