Thursday, May 12, 2011

How to cut the calories in your takeaway pizza?

Eat just one slice of a large deep pan pepperoni pizza and you consume 430 calories and a quarter of your daily fat allowance; a Burger King XL Double Whopper lives up to its name, packing in 840 calories and over two thirds of your recommended fat intake and a Big Mac with fries whacks in at just under 700 calories and half your daily fat intake. Takeaway foods are also low in fibre and high in salt.

When ordering pizza choose a small or medium rather than a large pizza and opt for a thin crust rather than a thick one. Toppings such as chicken, seafood and vegetables are much healthier than high fat toppings like salami or lashings of cheese; by adding extra veggies you’ll be notching up one of your recommended five a day! If you prefer pasta steer clear of the cream and cheese sauces. Choose those which are tomato or vegetable based and ask for a side salad instead of the garlic bread.

Pizza Hut have some great deals for feeding the family, so if you're taking the kids for a treat, make sure you know what the healthiest choices are for you all.

Best starter: Texan chicken wings BUT it still has 5.5g of saturated fat and 355 cals!
Worst starter: A bowl of nachos with 669 calories and 15.3g of saturated fat

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