Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sports Bra Benefits

Women are working out more than ever it seems these days. No longer are they just walking around the neighborhood or doing exercise videos in their basements; women are out running marathons and training for long distance biking competitions.

In short, women are becoming highly trained and skilled sports competitors - even if they never compete. With these new challenges, they need all the support they can get - from the sports bra.

Sports bras are best for support during exercise. They are important for maintaining the integrity of the breast wall and the shape of the breast. Too much intense movement can cause ligaments surrounding the breasts to stretch and tear. Much of this damage is irreversible, and it causes drooping, sagging breasts; however, the right sports bra offers enough support to prevent this condition from occurring prematurely.

Sports bras typically have straps that are wider than conventional bra straps. A wider strap means that the weight of the breast tissue is distributed over a larger area. This ultimately is more comfortable for the wearer because the straps do not dig into the shoulders as easily. They also are less likely to twist and shift, allowing for better movement.

Working out without a supportive sports bra could leave you with a sore back. When your breasts are free to bounce, it can cause excess strain on your back. A sports bra lifts the breasts and binds them to the body, so there's less upper and lower back strain, especially when you've got an especially long workout planned. The Drummond Clinic points out that sports bras also provide posture support to help you maintain better form while completing certain exercises.

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