Thursday, September 29, 2011

Will Eating A Burger Kill A Diet Plan?

Grandma always said, “Everything in moderation”, but then she always used to take her teeth out to eat soup, so what does she know? Apparently, even moderation can be dangerous, particularly when it comes to high fat food.

Instead of trying to starve yourself or drastically limit your portions, change the types of food you eat. Instead of having a burger and french fries, fill up on soup and salad. If you're still hungry, eat a small piece of chicken or fish. You'll be eating more food than the burger and fries, and your low-calorie, healthy choices will help you feel full for a longer period of time. You consume fewer calories without starving yourself.

A small, plain hamburger from McDonald's contains 250 calories and 9 g of fat. Larger burgers with multiple toppings such as cheese and special sauces contain 500 to 800 calories. Burgers from burger-specialty restaurants contain up to 900 calories and 41 g of fat, depending on the size and add-ons. Eating certain sides with your burger can make your indulgence a full-on calorie bomb. Fries, especially chili cheese fries, onion rings or gargantuan sodas can make your meal cost you almost 2,000 calories.

If you ate a burger, return to your diet plan at your next opportunity. Avoid skipping your next meal or you might become overly hungry and indulge again. Consider cutting back on your calorie intake for the next few days by 100 or 200 extra calories, or adding in an extra 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise. If you continue to maintain a calorie deficit on future days, you should still lose weight.

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