Saturday, February 11, 2012

Positive Effects of Steroids

Before we can appreciate the positive effects of steroids we need to understand how they work. Essentially then, steroids are either natural of synthetic compounds that help regulate various bodily functions. When we refer to steroids however we generally are referring to anabolic steroids. These are synthetic compounds that mimic the effects of anabolic and androgenic hormones such as testosterone and are known by many names including ‘juice’ and ‘roids’ and someone who is using steroids can so be said to be ‘juicing’. Anabolic steroids can be taken orally as a pill or powder or commonly via an injection which has certain advantages for the user. This makes marks along an individual’s forearms a good indicator that they may be using steroids.

If taken under proper medical guidance, steroids can help an athlete get more of his efforts. Since they are helpful in enhancing muscle mass and levels of endurance to a considerable, athletes can attain expected results without putting too many efforts. A right combination of steroids along with protein-rich diet and a good sleep can do wonders for even a lean built athlete in a short span of time. It is important for an athlete to realize the capabilities of his body and take dosage of steroids accordingly else steroids can prove to be lethal.

Known for being helpful to body builders and sports professionals, steroids offer many health advantages. But aside from benefiting these people, did you know that steroids can actually help patients with muscle dystrophy? That’s right! Steroids can actually provide health advantages to people with this ailment. Because of the ability of steroids to increase protein synthesis and promote the growth of muscles, it can help patients who have muscular dystrophy, a disease that weakens the body’s muscles, making one extremely weak, resulting to death of muscle tissues. Steroids help restore the body’s lost tissues because of chronic wasting.

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