Friday, February 3, 2012

Weight Lifting and Hydration

We all know that when we work out, it's important to stay hydrated. Something we may not be so clear on is what exactly we should drink when we exercise.

Ordinary water, of course, is the classic choice. But with store shelves everywhere full of sports drinks, energy drinks, and various flavored and fortified waters, what's an exerciser to do?

Experts say it all depends on your taste -- as well as the length and intensity of your workouts. Here's a look at how the various drinks measure up.

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that people drink about 17 ounces of fluid about two hours before exercise, to promote adequate hydration and allow time for the body to excrete any excess water. During exercise, they recommend that athletes start drinking early and at regular intervals in order to take in fluids at the rate they're losing them through sweating.

Personally I usually stick with just water. Nothing keeps me hydrated as water, but i have seen people drink energy drinks while at the gym. Now im not sure if its good or bad for you to drink a energy drink while you workout so i cant tell you that but from personal experiance stick to water and gatorade (gatorade for all the electrolytes).

During your workout you need to drink one thing... WATER. If you do some extensive outdoor cardio in the heat then perhaps some Gatorade. Definitely stay well hydrated. If you don't have the energy stored up from carbs you consumed prior to the workout then it is too late to start loading up on them. Gatorade provides is a few electrolytes and some sugar, which will help replenish your depleted glycogen stores. Not a bad thing, but people rely to heavily on things like this when the best thing they could do is drink several litres of water a day instead.

If you are on a creatine cycle, you can sip on a diluted creatine solution during your workout for some added benefit. Make sure that you are taking creatine properly the rest of the day though.

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