Sunday, October 28, 2012

Surpising Beer Advantages?

Beer is one of the oldest and probably the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world. It is sometimes even referred to as "liquid bread". Brewer's yeast, one of the beer's main components, is known to be a rich source of nutrients and this means that beer may have some health benefits. But on the other hand, beer contains alcohol, which is known to cause some serious negative effects on our health. Reduces Stress Beer helps to lift your spirits, changes your mood while giving you a nice little buzz. It is considered as a great stress reducer,refreshes you instantly with its great taste and relaxes you. Protects from Heart Diseases Drinking beer moderately helps to lower the chances of strokes, heart and vascular diseases to a great extent. The Vitamin B6 in beer helps in preventing the build-up of amino acid known as homo-cysteine. Higher levels of homo-cysteine make you more susceptible to vascular and heart diseases. Beer also thins the blood immensely and increases the circulation in the brain which protects from strokes, caused due to blood clots. Therefore drinking beer helps to fight against heart diseases tremendously. Control Diabetes Moderate consumption of beer can easily help out in keeping your diabetes under control as the vitamin B6 aids to maintain correct blood sugar levels significantly. Beer helps to keep insulin levels in control. Reduces Hypertension and Cholesterol One glass of beer each day improves your arterial elasticity and helps to reduce hypertension. Moderate consumption of beer also increases your good cholesterol level, keeps a guard on your cholesterol by reducing the chances of blood clots. Cures Insomnia Beer acts as a natural sedative and is regarded as a very effective treatment for insomnia as it has a tendency to make one drowsy it helps a great deal making you fall asleep. A great cure for insomnia indeed. The nicotinic and lactoflavin present in beer mainly help to promote sleep. Protects against kidney stones Beer consumption also protects against kidney stones and gallstones. Drinking beer helps in preventing calcium deposits in the kidneys. When calcium deposits get mixed with salts and other minerals they usually turn into kidney stones. Drinking beer protects from calcium deposits and help to fight against gallstones and kidney stones immensely.

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