Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How to Make Low Calories Coffee

Do you think about the number of calories you consume when you order your morning coffee drink? If you are trying to lose weight, you probably should. Some popular drinks from Starbucks and other popular spots contain up to 700 calories. If you add that to a breakfast meal, you could easily consume an entire day’s calories before you start your morning. Either drink black coffee or do the other things in moderation. Whatever you do, don't start on all these ghastly low-fat or sugar substitute non-foods. They're just chemicals. There is also good evidence that low-fat food has the opposite effect from that intended - it's so unsatisfying that people have more, whereas a bit of cheese, butter, cream etc is full of vitamins and is actually nourishing, and so long as you don't binge on such foods, they are actually useful to your body. Try not to use refined sugar in any way, or at least to keep consumption low. Replacing with sugar substitutes does you no good and may do harm (as aspartame was proved to do). Here is low calorie coffee recipe : 1 teaspoon of black coffee crystals fill it up with water put in microwave for 2 minutes add 2 packets of sweet 'n' low add two teaspoons of cream (each teaspoon is TEN calories each)

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