Monday, February 11, 2013

What is Michael Jordan Energy Drink?

I have tried Monster, Red Bull, as well as others and wasn't very impressed. They had strange tastes and made me crash very shortly after drinking them. In my opinion XS Energy Drink is by far the best. It has no sugar, and significantly less carbs than other leading brands. It actually tastes good the first time you drink it, unlike Monster or Red Bull which are acquired tastes. I definitely noticed a difference in my energy level after drinking it, but there was no crash or "coming down" period afterward. My personal favorites are the Black Cherry Cola, and the Tea-Berry Blast which is not carbonated. I recommend that everyone try this whether you currently consume energy drinks or not. Anyway, Michael Jordan's Favorite Drink is 8oz Gatorade & Jack Daniels with 4 packs Pop Rocks!

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