Saturday, May 10, 2008

Aphtous Ulcer

Wait! Before any of you guys think, "Hey, Isn't he pathetic? He write about a post about aphtous ulcer??? What the f***?"

Let me explain, this is the largest aphtous ulcer that I ever had! So I think it is worth to write, I guess.

Yes, for all my life this IS the largest, with 1 cm for the height and 0,5 for the width. This time the ulcer is because of trauma, I accidentally bite my mouth, but it goes this large!

And yes, it is painfull!!

I can't stand it. Everytime I brush my teeth or eat I have to be careful for it.

Everytime I wake up in the morning I also feel the pain. Well maybe because the ulcer is located in the right side of my mouth and I sleep on my right side.

This disease is small but can ruined your entire day plan.

I'm so desperated that I, who usually sceptical and think it is just bull-shit about product like "Adem Sari", etc, started to drink it.


travellous said...

wahahaha kena sariawan ya Bro?
ak kirain apa itu aphtous ulcer? ternyata sariawan (iya kan?)

yaah yang sabar loh, setidaknya dikau irit duit makan, secara klo mau makan klo lg sariawan pasti males :p

happy wiken ya :)

Lyla said...

makasih yaaa dah kasih komentar..hehe.. mana nih sb nya??? kasih shoutbox dongg...

icHaaWe said...

ternyata bahasa kedokterannya rumit yah...

kalo sariawan...yah bnyk2 mnakan buah, biar cepet sembuh

Desita said...

gw juga langganan cold sore ato mouth ulcer. di sini juga dah pernah nanya ama pharmacist obat sariawan yang ampuh apa. ah tnyata sama aja. tak ada yang ampuh. tetap harus menunggu seminggu lebih untuk sembuh.apalagi kalo pas winter kena sariawan, waduh rasanya semriwing2 meriang2 gmana gituh.


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