Friday, May 2, 2008

New CPR Guidelines, 2008

Hey, have you heard about the new CPR Guidelines?

The new rule said that no mouth-to-mouth required in new CPR rules (Sorry Guys!).

Just press on the chest of adult victims untill help arrives.

Maybe this change is in response to people not wanting to practice mouth-to-mouth on strangers. But I think if it is an emergency, why not?
This change does not apply in the case of drowning or suffocation. This only applies to someone who suddenly collapses and is non responsive. This does not reverse the problem, it is a bridge to further treatment.



ijal said...

tambahannya dalam bhs indo aja ya,

kan katanya 100x/menit tuh..

beatnya katanya seperti beat-nya staying alive-nya bee gees..

tau ga?

aaaahhh aaaahhh aaaahhh aaaahhh stayin alive, stayin alive..

Eucalyptus said...

He he he, klo cewek cakep yg perlu di CPR pasti semangat ya

travellous said...

ni pengetahuan dasar yang harus dimiliki seorang backpacker keik saya Bro!, sapa tau ketemu Bule cantik yang butuh CPR. Xixixi

Tiwi said...

Xixixixi....Ijal nge-rock!
thx udah mampir.

Udah pernah kasih CPR juga, Jal?

new_techno said...

Berkunjung bror ...

icaicadidinding said...

Siiiip... Tapi 100x?? Duuh cape'..


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