Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Isotonic Drink (Sports Drink) Do We Really Need It?

Isotonic Drink,

They are designed to quickly replace the fluids which are lost by sweating. They also provide a boost of carbohydrates.

The body prefers to use glucose as its source of energy. Sometimes it is better to consume isotonic drinks where the carbohydrate source is a concentrated form of glucose.

They are commonly drunk by athletes, especially middle and long distance runners, but all professional sportspeople use them in their daily training regimes.
If you train to a fairly high level (3 - 5 times a week for at 45 - 90 minutes), chances are you could benefit from taking on board a sports drink.

Sports drinks fall into various categories, as we will soon see. But the premise of each is very similar - improved recovery rates. Improving our recovery rate from exercise training means that we can train harder and longer next time, which in turn can result in increased gains in fitness, muscle bulk, muscle tone and a better overall appearance and sports performance.

However, despite their price, isotonic drinks are in no way superior to regular food. A glass of water and a banana are every bit as beneficial to your body, if not more so.

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