Monday, March 22, 2010

High Cholesterol Food, Avoid It

Although, your blood cholesterol level doesn't increase as soon as you eat cholesterol food, you still have to avoid it, but don't afraid to eat it.

There are several things that cholesterol helps our bodies to do:

- Keep the cell wall healthy
- Help the body produce enough vitamin D
- Aid in digesting, by producing stomach acids to digest fat

So, be wise which to consume, and which to not.

Cholesterol comes from animals. If a food does not come from an animal (such as a fruit or vegetable), then it does not have cholesterol. The highest of high cholesterol foods are eggs and liver. An egg yolk has 213 mg of cholesterol.

1 comment:

JK said...

Well why is it one day one thing is good and one day it is bad... food is food when you have little to spend and cant afford to be picky.. Have a great day...


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